How to protect potatoes from the bear

The bear is a fairly large insect that has a brown body, short wings and strong forelegs. Once in the soil, the pest makes moves in it and eats potato tubers. In one month, this pest can lay about three hundred eggs. Eggs can turn into an adult insect in just a few weeks.

To fight with the bear, you need to spread throughout the area sown with potatoes, heaps of fresh manure. This pest loves the smell of manure and creeps into these heaps. There he makes burrows and lays eggs. After half a month, you can view all the piles and deal with the pest and its eggs. In the fall, you can dig a small hole, and throw manure there. Bears will settle there for the winter. When frost sets in, this manure will be scattered across the frozen ground and all pests will freeze. Or in the spring you can burn this manure.

You can also pour granules of a chemical such as Medvetox around the potato. Having eaten such a pellet, the bear will die immediately.

In the autumn, after the crop is harvested, you can apply a mixture of kerosene with water. You need to take 100 grams of kerosene and dissolve it in a ten-liter bucket of water. This mixture must be poured into the holes of the pest, 30 grams per mink.

Bears are afraid of soapy water. It is necessary to prepare a very strong soapy solution using household soap and pour it into holes. Bears will crawl out of the soil and can be easily cut with a shovel. If they cannot get out, they will die right in the soil.

In those places where there are a lot of holes, you need to dig a three-liter jar into the soil so that its neck is at the level of the soil. The pest gets there and cannot get out. You can pour a little beer into this can, because its smell of the bear is very fond of.

There is a folk method of fighting a bear. It is necessary to crush the eggshell and bring it into the bed with potatoes. You can moisten the shell with sunflower oil.