Freckle Buns: Best Recipes

Undoubtedly, since childhood, everyone knows the taste of mouth-watering, aromatic freckle buns. Lush, sweet, with lots of raisins - what could be better with fragrant tea? Now in many families such buns also remain a favorite pastry, although the recipes have changed a little, but the main thing remains - small size and raisins.

On mayonnaise dough

It turns out that mayonnaise can be used not only for the preparation of salads or sandwiches, but also to knead the dough on it for baking! Buns or pies based on it are more lush and soft, and freshness is preserved several times longer than on kefir!


  • 110 g of raisins;
  • 40 g of vegetable oil;
  • 11 g of yeast (dry);
  • 155 g of sugar;
  • 100 g mayonnaise;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 480 ml of milk;
  • 900 g of flour.


  1. Put yeast in warmed milk, stir, pour sugar.
  2. Drive eggs into the dough (2 pcs.), Grate the mass thoroughly.
  3. Add flour a little, after each addition, knead the dough.
  4. Grease the container with vegetable oil, put out the dough, grease it with oil as well. Send in warmth to rise.
  5. Add raisins and evenly distribute throughout the dough.
  6. Divide the dough into small pieces and form buns. Put at a distance on a baking sheet (oiled).
  7. Beat an egg with a spoonful of milk, brush with a brush the approached products and send for baking in the oven for 25 minutes.


Wonderful pastries with a delicate, delicate aroma. An ideal recipe for those who want to treat their loved ones with an unusual tasty treat on the weekend.


  • 20 ml of lemon juice;
  • 95 g of powdered sugar;
  • 5 g each of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg;
  • 5 g of salt;
  • 20 g of yeast;
  • 90 g of raisins;
  • 170 g of sugar;
  • 750 g of flour;
  • 260 ml of kefir;
  • 110 g of vegetable oil;
  • 120 g butter;
  • 3 eggs.


  1. Mix the yeast in a bowl with kefir, a little sugar and salt.
  2. After a quarter of an hour add all other ingredients (melt butter), except for raisins, one egg and spices.
  3. Rinse well, pour boiling water and leave for several minutes under the lid.
  4. Add spices and raisins to the warm dough.
  5. Form small buns, put on greased baking sheets.
  6. Send to bake, do not forget to grease products with an egg before sending them to the oven.

Pour the finished pastries with icing from powdered sugar lemon juice.

"From the grandmother"

Such buns were cooked by our grandmothers. This pastry is the perfect freckle buns that are still popular and loved for adults and children.


  • 7 g of cinnamon, vanillin;
  • 120 g of raisins;
  • 980 g of flour;
  • 45 ml of sunflower oil;
  • 25 g of yeast;
  • 115 g granulated sugar;
  • 530 ml of milk;
  • 8 g of salt.


  1. Dissolve salt and sugar in warmed milk, dissolve yeast here.
  2. Add to the fermented dough all the ingredients that remain. Knead the dough (soft and airy).
  3. Wait until the dough is warm.
  4. Form small buns, bake in a hot oven, previously greased with an egg, mashed with milk.

Freckle Ginger Buns

Butter bun with fragrant ginger and raisins is unlikely to impress any sweet tooth. It will be especially pleasant to sit with a cup of tea with fragrant pastries as a whole family, enjoying the delicate taste and pleasant conversations.


  • 45 ml of lemon juice;
  • 40 ml of cognac;
  • 25 g of ginger (grated);
  • 20 g of lemon peel (chopped);
  • 85 g of raisins;
  • 10 g of yeast (baked dry);
  • 395 g of flour;
  • 6 g of salt (coarse);
  • 1 egg
  • 35 g butter;
  • 35 g of sugar;
  • 75 ml of milk;
  • 140 ml of water.


  1. Wash thoroughly washed raisins overnight with a mixture of lemon juice and cognac.
  2. Heat milk on a stove, melt butter.
  3. Mix the prepared milk with yeast, after a few minutes put all the ingredients in the yeast mixture (leave the egg to grease the products) and knead the dough. It should become soft, elastic, stick to your hands a little.
  4. Put small buns on a baking sheet (after the dough has come up well in the heat). Let them stand until they increase.
  5. Send for baking to the oven, brushing with a mixture of a spoonful of milk and eggs with a brush. Focus on the capabilities of the oven, usually 25 minutes is enough for baking.


Some unusual buns, as they combine raisins and poppy seeds perfectly. Children especially like this delicacy, and adults will certainly gobble up delicious lush products with a golden brown crust on both cheeks.


  • 70 g of poppy;
  • 75 g of raisins;
  • 650 g of flour;
  • 13 g of yeast;
  • 4 g of salt;
  • 20 g vanilla sugar;
  • 1 egg
  • 105 g of sugar;
  • 58 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 220 g of milk;
  • 55 ml of vegetable oil.


  1. Prepare raisins: pour boiling water, after a couple of minutes, drain the liquid and dry with a napkin.
  2. Prepare the poppy: pour water, boil and leave to brew for a quarter of an hour.
  3. Mix warmed milk with sugar, yeast and a small portion of flour.
  4. Strain through a poppy tissue.
  5. Knead the dough by putting salt, vanilla sugar, egg, vegetable and butter in a suitable dough. At the very end of mixing put poppy seeds and raisins.
  6. Formed small buns to send on a baking sheet (oiled) to come up, certainly covering with a napkin.
  7. Bake buns, grease with an egg before sending to a hot oven, sprinkle generously with sugar.

In honey glaze

Covered with delicious glaze, mouth-watering little buns with raisins will certainly become a favorite pastry for many housewives. Even those who do not like to mess with the dough will certainly try to cook such yummy more often. It is impossible to spoil the buns, the result will certainly exceed all expectations.


  • 45 g chopped nuts;
  • 35 g of lemon juice;
  • 40 g of natural honey;
  • 200 g of raisins;
  • 120 g of sugar;
  • 6 g of salt;
  • 30 g of lemon peel;
  • 5 g of cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg;
  • 880 g flour (may need more);
  • 35 g of yeast;
  • 110 g butter;
  • 140 ml of water;
  • 160 ml of milk;
  • 1 egg


  1. Soak dry raisins in warm water for an hour. Melt the butter to become like thick sour cream by consistency.
  2. Mix part of the milk, a little sugar and yeast, wait until they ferment.
  3. Combine all spices, sugar (leave 1 spoon for icing) and flour. Pour the yeast mass into this loose mixture, mix with a spoon.
  4. Pour in the remaining milk, egg, butter (leave 2 tablespoons) and water, pour in raisins.
  5. Knead the dough on a smooth surface, adding flour if necessary.
  6. It is not necessary to set, you can immediately begin to form small buns. Lay on a baking sheet over distances, they will greatly increase.
  7. Wait half an hour and send to bake in the oven.
  8. Melt honey, remaining sugar and butter, lemon juice over low heat.
  9. Remove the half-baked buns from the oven, grease liberally with fudge, sprinkle with nuts and send to the oven to bake until cooked.

Ready buns can be sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Butter rolls with raisins (video)

With these simple recipes, it's easy and simple to give ordinary freckle buns a whole new taste. Experimenting in the kitchen with different ingredients, you can come up with your own recipe for delicious pastries, and if there are fears that there are not enough culinary talents, take basic recipes that will turn your sometimes difficult life in the kitchen into a pleasant pastime.