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What to do if pepper seeds are moldy

Good evening! Dear gardeners, tell me, what’s with my pepper, today is the 5th day, I opened it, but here’s the fluff? Is it mold? What to do?

These are root hairs. Everything is good. Sprinkle with earth and spin the snail again.

These are the roots. Cover the ground.

Oh gardeners thank you so much for the answer 🙂

How exactly they hatch! The seeds are good, I have through one, but still covered with earth.

Beautiful “bite”, “fisherman” should be satisfied

Fill the ground and then immediately. In a dark bag and up to the first three stitches.

What sort

And it’s not too late for pepper, I sowed at the end of January and I only have 4 real leaves?

Fill the earth soon!

I’m thinking how it will turn out, I’m doing it for the first time