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How to grow a thuja

Tell me, please, how to grow thuja properly? Maybe you need some kind of specific variety or type of fertilizer? And how often should it be watered? And then I somehow took it once and it all burned out for me for a month, although I watered it regularly. Maybe they should be planted in the shade? And with what plants it is better not to plant them? Do I need to fertilize the soil before planting thuja? Thanks!


First of all, before buying a tree, you need to carefully examine the appearance of the roots, they should be white and yellow, and when pressed, they should be elastic and juicy. If, during the purchase, it is not possible to inspect the roots, then you can simply touch the branches and if you see that the needles are crumbling, then this indicates that the tree has already died. Although thuja is distinguished by great endurance and unpretentiousness, there are still some nuances of its cultivation. Firstly, you need to plant a plant in a place where there are no drafts. Secondly, the first month the tree needs to be watered only once a week, pouring about 12 liters of water. It is important that it is always wet near the thuja, then the crown will always be lush and richly green. Fertilizers in the soil must be applied in spring or early summer. Near the thuja you can plant hybrid petunia, cypress, dwarf juniper, hydrangea, but in no case do not plant asters and peonies.