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Who eats cucumbers in a greenhouse

Hello, tell me, who eats my cucumbers in the greenhouse like that? Mole repeller stands nearby


Well, not moles for sure 🙂

My chickens eat like that

I had a cat, so he bit all the cucumbers in the greenhouse, tormented with it.

So my frogs are eaten only by cucumbers, but they also devoured melons the size of a fist. What I don’t know

Maybe a rat or a mouse. Thank you at least say-tailed

Frogs are unlikely to eat cucumbers, they most likely find slugs in cucumbers and eat them. Do not take out frogs, they are useful.

I personally saw how she sat and ate

Frogs feed exclusively on mobile food, that is, flies, mosquitoes, all kinds of bugs, they are not herbivorous by nature.

Learn the anatomy of a frog; it is not capable of biting, chewing, or chewing anything. Most likely these same frogs help you fight pests in your beds - they eat those who eat your melons and oats.