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How to plant hyacinths in spring

These beautiful flowers are usually planted in the ground in the fall, but it is possible to plant hyacinths in the spring. Then their flowering will delight the eye even longer with its amazing beauty and fill the air with a delicious aroma both at home and in public flower beds. White, blue, lilac, pink, red, yellow, orange - the color of hyacinths can be the most diverse.
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House and garden

Spider Lily: Mysterious Oriental Guest

Spider lilies or licorice, from the Latin Lycoris, are flowering plants that are well-known in many countries. The genus includes more than twenty species from the Amaryllidaceae or Amaryllidaceae family. Description and Characterization Translated from English Hurricane lilies sounds like "hurricane lily."
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Questions and answers

How to grow a lawn for a cat

I want to plant a lawn for a cat. Please tell me which seeds to use? How to grow? I want the grass to grow in the ground, and not on sawdust. Or maybe better on sawdust? I saw seeds in bags, but there are few of them to grow a good lawn. These seeds are very expensive. Tags: Pests, Plants 1469 views | 01.
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Canned zucchini with carrots

Every housewife wants to find as many interesting, and most importantly, simple recipes for winter preparations. The options below will tell you how to quickly and easily cook zucchini canned with carrots in different interpretations. Be sure to take note! Zucchini with carrots This is an ideal appetizer, the preparation of which will take you only sixty minutes.
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